Should I use the Sleep Styler?

Many of us have probably heard of this product when it was introduced on Shark Tank a few years ago. It seemed like a practical innovation that allowed us to style our hair while sleeping and wake up with styled hair, so we can get and go.

What makes Sleep Styler different than other leave-in curlers? What is wrong with traditional styling methods such as using flat irons and blow dryers? Do these rollers really work? The answers to these will be discussed in this article.

The Sleep Styler is for you.

Sleep Styler vs. other leave-in curlers

Most non-heated leave-in curlers are difficult to apply and are made of a hard plastic material that is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. Also, they often contain little bristles on the rollers that cause your hair to become tangled and knotted while you are sleeping.

The Sleep Styler on the other hand has no hard plastic rollers with bristles that are hard to get out. They are made from marshmallow fluffy memory foam that feels like part of your pillow when you lie on them at night. You won’t even notice they are there.

They come with an attached strap that wraps around the core memory foam and is securely attached at the bottom. So there is no need for plastic bristles that tangle or break your hair.

Plus they are easier to remove than their plastic counterpart, which often knot your hair while being removed. With the Sleep Styler once the strap is removed the hair quickly flows out, with zero knots.

Traditional heat styling treatments

Many of the traditional methods we use such as hair-blower, flat irons, curlers or heated rollers excessively dry out our hair, which leads to split ends and frizzy flyaway hairs. Also, chemical treatments such relaxers and straighteners cause the same side effect.

No matter how many deep conditioner masks applied to your hair will not repair the damage to your hair, if you keep using any type of these methods on your hair. It will just keep drying out more and more. The sad truth is heat or chemical is the root cause for frizzy, uncontrollable hair.

The non-heated Sleep Styler doesn’t use any type of chemicals or heat to style your hair. It does it naturally by forming your hair overnight in super-soft curlers.

How do these heatless curlers work?

The work wonders with all hair types, but the best results are seen with shoulder length hair or longer. Your hair will look specular day-after day by using Sleep Styler rollers and with no side effects such as unwanted frizzy, dry and brittle hair. Your hair will have a healthy sheen that will make your friends and family envious.

They are extremely easy to apply, all you need to recently washed hair that has been towel dried. Then wrap your hair around the rollers and go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, release the rollers to reveal your perfectly polished, wavy hair.

If are tired of having one bad hair day after another and are ready to have healthy radiant hair, then look no further. The Sleep Styler is for you.

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