Healthy Lifestyle, Basic Rules

If we live a healthy lifestyle we are going to look and feel better, and when we have a healthy body it fights infections and diseases better.

As the title of the article says, today I am going to give you some very simple advice to put into practice starting the day. We’re starting. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables in your diet, these colorful foods are full of antioxidants and they slow the aging process within cells.

Also, don’t forget to eat whole grains. Wheat, corn, rice, rye. Avoid transferable fats. It is always good to check the label on the back of the food we buy in the store, here comes what is transferable or trans fat. These are found in margarine, cookies, fried foods and most processed foods.

When you go to the supermarket, it’s always good to read the label on the back and see how much transferable fat it brings, and if you don’t bring anything, then there’s much better. It is always good to buy foods that do not have transferable fats. Not all fats are bad except this one, as it increases the bad cholesterol, but our body needs fats to function (of the good ones).

One very important thing is to get away from tobacco, if you are already a smoker try to quit, seek help, and if you have never smoked, never try it because it is not good at all and we all know it. Even here where I live in the boxes always brings warnings, brings very… disgusting images of cancer, let’s put it that way, and all those pictures look a little weird in there.

healthy lifestyle benefits

Drink enough water, we already know that. Minimize alcohol consumption. It’s okay if you drink one or two beers every now and then at a social event, not often or every weekend get drunk or anything like that, that definitely doesn’t go with a healthy lifestyle.

Since excessive alcohol consumption will cause the body to store fat, and I think we’ve all had to see people who are thin, but some have a bit of a big belly, although they’re thin from other parts of the body.

This is what causes heavy drinking. Red wine, if it has enough benefits if you eat only one glass with food once a day, brings very good health benefits, contains many antioxidants but of course, in moderation, only one glass. Do some exercise or physical activity. If you are already exercising is fine, excellent, never stop doing it or take that habit off. And if you don’t start by exercising, try to do it, it doesn’t have to be intense training there in your local gym can start at home, with very simple things that we all have within our reach and can start at a low intensity level.

If you haven’t exercised before, do something that makes you move frequently on a daily basis. Get rid of the extra pounds.

Studies have shown that people who are overweight are more at risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Then, do your best to stay healthy.

Remember that we only have this life and that better than living it happy and healthy, these tips are very simple, but it is the basis where everything begins.

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