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Healthy Lifestyle, Basic Rules

If we live a healthy lifestyle we are going to look and feel better, and when we have a healthy body it fights infections and diseases better.

As the title of the article says, today I am going to give you some very simple advice to put into practice starting the day. We’re starting. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables in your diet, these colorful foods are full of antioxidants and they slow the aging process within cells.

Also, don’t forget to eat whole grains. Wheat, corn, rice, rye. Avoid transferable fats. It is always good to check the label on the back of the food we buy in the store, here comes what is transferable or trans fat. These are found in margarine, cookies, fried foods and most processed foods.

When you go to the supermarket, it’s always good to read the label on the back and see how much transferable fat it brings, and if you don’t bring anything, then there’s much better. It is always good to buy foods that do not have transferable fats. Not all fats are bad except this one, as it increases the bad cholesterol, but our body needs fats to function (of the good ones).

One very important thing is to get away from tobacco, if you are already a smoker try to quit, seek help, and if you have never smoked, never try it because it is not good at all and we all know it. Even here where I live in the boxes always brings warnings, brings very… disgusting images of cancer, let’s put it that way, and all those pictures look a little weird in there.

healthy lifestyle benefits

Drink enough water, we already know that. Minimize alcohol consumption. It’s okay if you drink one or two beers every now and then at a social event, not often or every weekend get drunk or anything like that, that definitely doesn’t go with a healthy lifestyle.

Since excessive alcohol consumption will cause the body to store fat, and I think we’ve all had to see people who are thin, but some have a bit of a big belly, although they’re thin from other parts of the body.

This is what causes heavy drinking. Red wine, if it has enough benefits if you eat only one glass with food once a day, brings very good health benefits, contains many antioxidants but of course, in moderation, only one glass. Do some exercise or physical activity. If you are already exercising is fine, excellent, never stop doing it or take that habit off. And if you don’t start by exercising, try to do it, it doesn’t have to be intense training there in your local gym can start at home, with very simple things that we all have within our reach and can start at a low intensity level.

If you haven’t exercised before, do something that makes you move frequently on a daily basis. Get rid of the extra pounds.

Studies have shown that people who are overweight are more at risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Then, do your best to stay healthy.

Remember that we only have this life and that better than living it happy and healthy, these tips are very simple, but it is the basis where everything begins.

MirrorEssentials: opinions about slimming thermo pants

For many people buying anything online is a normal exercise; however, some people are still reluctant to give their personal details and using credit card over the internet. The trick is to look for sites with safety devices installed, one of the first thing I look for when I am shopping online.

I have been searching for a site with good quality slimming thermo products. I have learned about them at the gym, from a friend who bought them overseas. I did not know at the time we could find online, and better still, cheaper than at a physical shop.

I go to the gym five days a week, so having the necessary attire is mandatory to feel in top condition. I use whatever means possible to get rid of localized fat, slim waistline and burn those unwanted lumps around the muscles. Especially after I had my second child.

slimming thermo pants

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Online shopping has never been so popular, there are those who choose the Internet in order to buy from home; they take advantage of exclusive promotions or an easily accessible catalog. However, one doubt persists: can I trust these places?

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This place is, a great quality shopping experience, certain to please the fussy buyer! Customers service 24 horas, 7 days a week. Check it out!



The main types of nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The body needs them to maintain healthy cells and proper metabolism.

Carbohydrates are compounds that are usually produced by plants. As the name suggests, they are composed of carbon (carbo-), hydrogen (hydration) and oxygen (-atos). The simplest carbohydrates are sugars. Complex carbohydrates are large molecules of linked sugar groups. The body depends on sugar glucose, which breaks down from carbohydrates, for its primary energy needs and brain function. Table sugar, maple syrup, maize, wheat and rice are examples of carbohydrate-rich foods.


Fats are also composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and are made of two-component molecules: glycerol and fatty acid. From both animal and vegetable sources, fats are highly concentrated sources of energy and are necessary for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Peanut oil, butter, egg yolk and lard are some examples of fats.

Proteins are long and complex chains of amino acids, which are the basis of all living cells. Proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. They supply nitrogen and amino acids for every cell type, substance and activity in the body. Muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, blood, and tissue cells are made from proteins, as are enzymes, which promote chemical reactions in the body, and antibodies, which fight infections. Cell growth, repair and replenishment also require protein. Egg whites, soybeans, fish, beef and chicken are some protein-rich foods.

However, most foods are combinations of nutrients, even in their natural state. For example, beef is made up of fat and protein, and milk is a combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Foods such as bread or tuna salad, made from a variety of ingredients, contain many different nutrients.


Vitamins are organic substances (carbon containers) known as coenzymes, compounds that work with enzymes to help regulate chemical reactions in the body. Most vitamins are present only in foods and food supplements. One of the vitamins the body produces is vitamin D.

Minerals are found in organic elements – those that do not contain carbon – that are needed in tiny amounts for the body’s nutritional balance. Two examples of inorganic elements are iron and zinc.

Water is another vital substance; it accounts for two-thirds of body weight. Water performs a variety of functions, helping to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, and helping both digestion and waste disposal of the system, people need six to eight glasses of water each day. Juices, soups, fruits and vegetables are good sources of fluids. The same cannot be said of coffee, tea, cola drinks and alcohol, which dehydrate the body. The equivalent of three or four glasses of water usually comes from the food consumed each day.

9 Essential oils you should have at home

This is the essential list of the 9 essential oils that you must try, taking into account several factors such as efficiency, dosage, potency and others. These oils not only have a pleasant fragrance, they will also make you feel better, you could choose any of them and start using them in your daily life and in several different ways.

  1. Lemon essential oil
    It is no coincidence that today we find that everything has lemon essence, soap and detergent, insecticide and mineral water, everything comes with lemon essence and leaves a light, clean and bright aroma. Many of these aromas are artificial but all retain the idea of freshness and cleanliness. Lemon essential oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent. The oil is effective in the care of the skin; its components help to reduce wrinkles and increase blood circulation, there is even research showing that repairs the skin and also has anti-inflammatory properties.The fragrance of lemon essential oil has a powerful effect lifting the mood. The results of several studies suggest that lemon oil in the form of vapor has antidepressant properties and that it stimulates the state of mind, a proven result when measuring the levels of norepinephrine, an anti-stress hormone.

essentials oils for buy

  1. Cinnamon Oil
    Cinnamon oil, as its origin, is sweet and spicy, unlike lemon, cinnamon represents the exotic and cozy. Derived from the bark and leaves of the cinnamon tree, it is one of the oldest essential oils known to the point that evidence has been found that the Egyptians used it more than 3500 years ago.
    Historically cinnamon was an expensive product, only accessible to royalty and the elite, today all this changed and it is very easy and inexpensive to obtain cinnamon essential oil.It is used to relieve chest colds. When applied to the chest can also relieve muscle pain due to its analgesic properties. It is even a good antiseptic and natural preservative. And as it has been already shown, is useful in the treatment of neurological and cardiac disorders
  2. Sage oil
    The clary sage oil contains a host of positive properties for the skin, is antiseptic and antibacterial and helps improve circulation. The sage comes from the Mediterranean region, in North Africa. When steam distilling the leaves of the plant the essential oil is obtained and although in ancient Egypt it was used in medicine only in the Middle Ages they began to use it massively.
    It was used to treat vision problems and to flavor the wine. Today it is known that sage oil regulates hormones and its aroma has antidepressant effects. A recent study showed that sage helped relieve depression in women who had gone through menopause, improving thyroid hormone levels, is ideal for relieving menstrual pain and cramps.
  3. Lavender oil
    It is undoubtedly one of the most popular aromas among essential oils, there are more than 30 different types of lavender, but all share some properties such as being antispasmodic, sedative, antioxidant, antibacterial, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory among many others.Lavender essential oil is great in many aspects, but some of its components can be toxic to the skin, so it is recommended to start using a maximum of 4 or 5 drops in a tablespoon of base oil. If you do not notice any allergic reaction, you can increase the concentration until reaching two equal parts of lavender oil and base oil.
  4. Tea tree oil
    Yes, you have read well, tea, the tea tree is originally from Australia and for many years its leaves have been used to treat cough and cold, heal wounds and relieve sore throats.The essential oil of the tea tree is anti-inflammatory and antiviral and can be used for gingivitis and cures dandruff, kills influenza virus and has been shown at times to delay the growth of tumors. It also fights acne. About 10 to 12 drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of base oil is recommended, you can also add a drop to the mouthwash we buy at the pharmacies.
  5. Eucalyptus oil
    Another known to all as lavender, is the essential eucalyptus oil, although much stronger than that, the aroma is a mixture of camphor and mint, can open the airways almost instantly when inhaled.It has an effect as a pesticide and kills fungi, bacteria, mites and insects; it is also been studied its effect on the parasite that causes malaria. It stimulates the immune system and is anti-inflammatory. The eucalyptus oil diffused by the house completely refreshes a room and makes everything feel cleaner. It can also be used as a repellent in pantries and cabinets to combat moths.
  6. Rosemary oil
    The essential rosemary oil has the same aroma as the herb that we use in our food, it is good at skin care and it is also very stimulating. When inhaled, the aroma increases the heart beating rate, pressure and respiratory rate, also enhances the immune system. It has been shown to increase brain activity and help the nervous system that controls the organic function of the entire body.At the same time the stress decreases and all this by dispersing the oil in the air, it is very good to mix it with the eucalyptus oil.
  7. Orange essential oil
    The orange essential oil decreases our sugar cravings while its aroma makes us happy and energetic. It also reduces anxiety and by massaging with this oil it is possible to reduce the pulse and breathing, it also makes us feel more cheerful and vigorous.
  8. Peppermint oil
    Everyone knows the aroma of mint, we have it in our shampoo, in our mouthwash and in our toothpaste, as well as chewing gum, and this is no coincidence. Mint is in so many products due to its stimulating, antispasmodic, antiviral, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, it relieves headaches in 15 minutes, it calms dizziness, helps to concentrate and improves memory, It is a natural analgesic.

Source: Health benefits of Aromatherapy

Should I use the Sleep Styler?

Many of us have probably heard of this product when it was introduced on Shark Tank a few years ago. It seemed like a practical innovation that allowed us to style our hair while sleeping and wake up with styled hair, so we can get and go.

What makes Sleep Styler different than other leave-in curlers? What is wrong with traditional styling methods such as using flat irons and blow dryers? Do these rollers really work? The answers to these will be discussed in this article.

The Sleep Styler is for you.

Sleep Styler vs. other leave-in curlers

Most non-heated leave-in curlers are difficult to apply and are made of a hard plastic material that is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. Also, they often contain little bristles on the rollers that cause your hair to become tangled and knotted while you are sleeping.

The Sleep Styler on the other hand has no hard plastic rollers with bristles that are hard to get out. They are made from marshmallow fluffy memory foam that feels like part of your pillow when you lie on them at night. You won’t even notice they are there.

They come with an attached strap that wraps around the core memory foam and is securely attached at the bottom. So there is no need for plastic bristles that tangle or break your hair.

Plus they are easier to remove than their plastic counterpart, which often knot your hair while being removed. With the Sleep Styler once the strap is removed the hair quickly flows out, with zero knots.

Traditional heat styling treatments

Many of the traditional methods we use such as hair-blower, flat irons, curlers or heated rollers excessively dry out our hair, which leads to split ends and frizzy flyaway hairs. Also, chemical treatments such relaxers and straighteners cause the same side effect.

No matter how many deep conditioner masks applied to your hair will not repair the damage to your hair, if you keep using any type of these methods on your hair. It will just keep drying out more and more. The sad truth is heat or chemical is the root cause for frizzy, uncontrollable hair.

The non-heated Sleep Styler doesn’t use any type of chemicals or heat to style your hair. It does it naturally by forming your hair overnight in super-soft curlers.

How do these heatless curlers work?

The work wonders with all hair types, but the best results are seen with shoulder length hair or longer. Your hair will look specular day-after day by using Sleep Styler rollers and with no side effects such as unwanted frizzy, dry and brittle hair. Your hair will have a healthy sheen that will make your friends and family envious.

They are extremely easy to apply, all you need to recently washed hair that has been towel dried. Then wrap your hair around the rollers and go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, release the rollers to reveal your perfectly polished, wavy hair.

If are tired of having one bad hair day after another and are ready to have healthy radiant hair, then look no further. The Sleep Styler is for you.

What is spirulina and what are its benefits

There are many natural supplements to cover with the daily nutrient requirements. Algae are a good choice when you want to opt for a supplement that is natural, free of foreign chemicals. One of the best known algae for consumption is spirulina. There are some biological sources that consider spirulina as a prokaryotic being, but this is not completely verified. No matter what is spirulina, the people can be sure that it offers many nutrients to the body.

Ways to consume spirulina

There are people, who go to natural stores looking for an option to cover the vitamins and minerals and ask for some algae without knowing, what is spirulina. Spirulina comes in different presentations to take. It may be in 500 mg tablets, which is recommended to take before each meal. Never exceed a dose greater than 2 grams per day.

Spirulina powder can also be obtained. There are many people who dodge this option because of its intense green color, as it seems a bit strange. But do not let it be carried away by its color, since its flavor is very soft. It is best to mix spirulina powder with sweet juices so that their strange taste is not perceived much. When you become familiar with your taste, you can get used to it.

Spirulina food recipes

You can make some delicious spirulina cookies. It takes 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of sugar, 300 grams of flour, grated lemon, an egg and two grams of spirulina powder. The butter is mixed, ideally soft, with sugar. Then the fire is incorporated along with the lemon zest and spirulina. Finally the flour is added a little. Cook the biscuits with a cutter and place in the oven for 40 minutes or until ready.

You can also make energy shakes with what is spirulina. In a blender a half liter of water is mixed with an apple, a pear, a peach,  two spoons of honey and one gram of spirulina. This milkshake can be taken at breakfast to start the day with all the energy and nutrients offered by this wonderful seaweed.

Many meals can be made with spirulina. You just have to have imagination and risk using it with the recipes that you like to do.

Benefits of birdseed that strengthen health

This grain has very complete vitamins and enzymes that favor the organism. The variety for human consumption provides a large amount of protein, which can be a good alternative for meat consumption. The benefits of birdseed are worth to be considered as part of regular and balanced feeding.benefits of birdseed for health

Birdseed characteristics

The birdseed is one of the most complete that nature has provided. It has a large enzyme load and its protein level is also very high. A glass of enzymatic milk of birdseed has more proteins than 3 kilos of meat. The advantage is that it has stable amino acids that work best in the body.

These birdseed enzymes have the power to disinflam the organs of the digestive system such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas favoring a more effective action. And that’s because it has the ability to combat whit diabetes.

It also eliminates cirrhosis because it increases hepatocyte count in the liver. Among the benefits of birdseed can also be recharge of enzymes provided to the kidneys, regulating their functioning.

In this way it provides a healthy effect of diuresis that eliminates excess fluids in the body. Consequently excess salts are released that regulate hypertension levels.

Composition of the birdseed

The seed of the birdseed abounds in an enzyme called lipase, which has a notable influence on the elimination of fat from the body. It purifies in the veins, arteries and everywhere where excess fat deposits in the body. This makes it a complete remedy to combat the obesity. It provides an effect of muscular tonicity that favors the modeling of the body.

Among the benefits of birseed are also its virtues to favor natural beauty. The consumption of birdseed favors the skin due to its antioxidant load. The milk of birdseed has also the capacity to hydrate the epidermis.

In an age where the people fought vs obesity, the properties of this seed help to eliminate fats by also eliminating the levels of cellulite in the skin. In this matter, it also benefits the heart which is affected by the cholesterol levels that are the result of obesity.

Finally we can not leave aside that the birdseed is a complete source of nutrition. It provides fiber and vitamins that regulate the intestinal functions, which prevents the development of discomfort or evils in these organs. Birdseed is a virtuous source that favors feeding and revitalizes the body with its powerful components.

Hemp seed Side Effects you need to know

Hemp seed oil and Cannabidiol are definitely mixed terms by many people. However, today we will talk more about hemp seed side effects. Hemp seed oil is a great source of top quality nutrients and has a long history of use in Eastern culture as multi-purpose natural remedy. Regardless of its widespread popularity, prejudice associated to its association with marijuana has kept it from common use in the West. While the oil contains practically no THC (the psychedelic aspect in marijuana), hemp oil is still considered as sketchy to some.

What is actually hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil comes from tall growing ranges of cannabis. Nevertheless, it does not include THC which is the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis. In spite of the truth, contending markets saw some hemp oil side effects which are representing a threat. You will find out more information for this later, because we will first introduce you to the plant.

Hemp seed is incredibly rich oil which includes omega fats and proteins. This oil has a pleasant nutty odor, deep green color, and soaks well into the skin. This natural oil is very delicate and requires darkness and low temperatures.

Where hemp oil is found?

Hemp seed oil is thought about to be the most dietary oils readily available. It has a myriad of dietary and cosmetic uses, making it an incredible multipurpose component. Hemp oil seed provides the body with complete protein, nutrition and with all the necessary amino acids essential for health and wellness.

Hemp oil is quickly digestible in its raw state. It consists of less than 10% of saturated fats and around 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also been used as kitchen additive, contributing soups, shakes, pasta, dressings, pesto and other foods that are served cold, since we mentioned earlier that it should be used cold. However we are here to reveal you more things related to hemp seed side effects, so you better read us until the very end.

Hemp seed side effects

Did you know that besides health benefits that this oil provides, you can also be a victim of hemp seed oil side effects? Although, this oil can give multiple advantages, when used inappropriate or irresponsibly, can lead to major health problems such as: paranoia, hallucinations and more. Read the list and find out how to take care of this problem.

  • Cardiac Risk – We mentioned that hemp oil consist omega fats and polyunsaturated fats with are necessary to the body, but what we did not also mentioned before is that the excess presence of these acids can cause heart conditions, bacterial infections and other complications.
  • Gastrointestinal issues – If you have bowel problems or stomach problems you might want to stay away from foods which consists hemp oil because it might cause diarrhea and cramps.
  • Hallucinogenic – Hemp seed oil has THC which can induce hallucinations in some people, although many cannot even realize it.
  • Blood coagulation – This oil can adversely affect anticoagulants which might lead to thickening of blood. Blood clotting can lead to heart attack, which is why it is very important to consult your doctor in case you already have heart related problems.


There are numerous other hemp seed side effects which you should also have in mind. So, if you are looking for a healthy variant of medical marijuana, it might be best if you consume Pure CBD, since its effects are already proven.

How good is your memory? Read this to find out

For sure you have sometimes experienced a frozen brain, but have you ever questioned your memory? Many people can remember things from when they were 2 years old, and since memory is tricky, we decided to dedicate time and explain you how our brains workand how you can improve your memory. If you have wondered how good is your memory, continue reading this good is your memory

Facts about memory

Psychologists divide memory into three stores: sensory, short-term and long-term store. After getting in the sensory store, some information continues into the short-term store. From there, some information proceeds to long-term store. These stores are referred to as brief term memory and long term memory respectively. Each of these two types of memory, possess restricted capacities and they are mainly operating in the frontal lobe of the brain.

Everything from sensory and short-term memory is being settled into long term memory. This is all happening while we are asleep. While our body is at rest, the brain files through each memory of the day, and transforms it into essential information which is kept in the long-term memory.So, can you tell us how good is your memory?

How you can improve your memory

Memory can sometimes be very tricky, so you need to take care of yourself, meaning you need to have a proper rest and also use supplements which can help you improve the functionalities of your brain. If you cannot tell us how good is your memory, then we suggest a few tests.

  • Do a crossword occasionally. Crossword puzzles are very good for exercising your memory. They can postpone start of dementia, but you should rotate crosswords in order to keep your brain engaged.
  • How good is your memory when it comes to shopping? Try to make a large grocery list, and then memorize it. You can make these words rhyme with numbers or objects, so you can easily remember your list.
  • One more helpful tool which is great for our brain is jigsaw puzzle. Since they consist of colors and patterns, our brain needs to go through series of shapes and colors in order to assemble picture. The more pieces one puzzle has, the more difficult our brain needs to work, so it can solve it.
  • Play similar games to chess, which require high concentration. This game is among the most intellectually difficult games.

Supplements that improve memory

If you can’t say how good is your memory, then maybe it is time to consider taking brain supplements which will definitely improve your memory and will boost your energy too. Other benefits that you can get from taking these supplements are: improved brain function, improved concentration and memory and willingness to stay focused more hours in case you need to finish some task.


How good is your memory? Do you forget stuff on daily basis or you are the one always reminding your friends about things? If this happens to you too often, and you want to improve your memory once and for all, we have a perfect solution for you.

The best brain supplement available on the market is called BrainPlus IQ. The reason why you should try it is because there are millions of usersthat have managed to improve their brain functionality and are too satisfied with this product. You now have the chance to do something in order to improve your memory. Try this supplement and enjoy your energy and focus.

Exercising the Penis,… cant it cure erectile dysfunction?

Penis exercises are important for men’s health. It is preferable to do those workouts every day before going to bed, in order to prevent erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Also, these work too for penis enlargement and firmer erections. Stay with us until the very end and find out if exercising the penis can change your intimate health.Exercising the penis

What are penis exercises?

To put it simply, penis workouts are those exercises created to facilitate modification in the penis. These exercises can focus on enhancing the supporting, skeletal muscles of the penis, such as those in the pelvic floor or stretching and broadening the tissue of the penis itself, triggering it to create new tissue cells. Simply like exercises for other parts of the body, penis workouts develop more powerful muscle tissue and encourage brand-new tissue cells to form, increasing tissue mass.

Exercising the penis can range from one standard workout to a sophisticated exercise program, consisting of several workouts. Simply, as in weight training, novices should never ever begin doing innovative penis workouts. By beginning with the essentials in penis exercises and constantly making time for your penis workout routine, you can too benefit from reliable techniques that have led countless men to establish more difficult, longer, thicker, healthier and more powerful penises.

Benefits from Penis Exercises

By exercising the penis, you guarantee yourself great benefits which can be on long term basis. Here are the following benefits you can get:

  • ⦁ Improved orgasm, ejaculation, force and volume
  • ⦁ More virility, remaining power and energy
  • ⦁ Improved sperm cell production
  • ⦁ Improved urinary system, prostate and relief loin pain
  • ⦁ Increased production of testosterone

What is really beneficial also is using products which can also have effect on increasing testosterone. One of the best on the market is TestoUltra, which men really swear by.

Penis Exercises

The amount of penis exercises for men is so high. There are three stages which you should go through, in order to get your penis used to these exercises. Exercising the penis is something which should be carefully done, in order to prevent injuries. First you should spend a great amount of time for warm-up and then proceed with the exercises.

Do Penis Exercises really work?

It is simple to be skeptical about the credibility of penile augmentation workouts, since of the overwhelming exercised composed on the internet. But the truth is- commiting yourself to exercising the penis for period of 3 to 6 months will not only dramatically increase your penis size, it will unquestionably improve your overall sex health too.

Among the side benefits, you will find that your erections end up being firmer, that you gain higher control over when you ejaculate, and that the strength of your orgasms increases significantly.

So, you will have bigger, much better hard-ons and more fun. In reality, no other technique of penis augmentation provides so much potential. It has been also scientifically proven, which is why doctors hardly recommend doing these exercises.


The exercises which improve your penis function are now well known to you. There is no need to feel bad because of your erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, since by exercising the penis, all can be gone. Why should you go through failures made by surgical procedures, when you can solve your problems naturally? One other thing you should always have in mind is using product which as well benefit your situation. Take Rx24 and say goodbye to your problems.